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  • JQ

    Technical (Embedded) Product Development and Manufacturing

    33 years experience

  • JM

    Retired professional engineer

    40 years experience

  • User Avatar

    Thermal Engineer

    I am chemical engineer having B.Tech. Chemical degree from LIT, Nagpur having approx. 30 years of experience in field of production, technical supervises,project and EPC company. Expert in thermal design of various types of exchanger and preliminary thermal design of fire heater.

    39 years experience

  • User Avatar


    I am very good at technical writing. Project professional with additional experience in HR, education B.Tech( Mech) from IIT Kanpur and PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad, had bulk of initial experience in the engineering sector in 'Project Management'. Since 2000 have grown my professional interests and have taken up management leadership positions in IT, Administration, Education and HR . Have the skills to build and turnaround a department/organization. A well rounded business executive. Born again christian and active in bringing the word of God in tamil, hindi and english in Chennai churches. Looking for opportunities to preach the word in the world beyond Chennai In 1967 qualified for the National Science Talent Research Scholarship conducted by NCERT, New Delhi Board member of St Mary's School, Pune for 23 years(1991-2013). At junior level, represented MP in badminton in 1967 Had my schooling in Jabalpur(MP) Looking for becoming an 'Independent Director' in reputed listed company You can be reach me on : and mobile 95000 97695. Specialties: Leadership with integrity and creativity , Project Management , team building and team leading, Management.

    40 years experience

  • NL

    Engineering Consultant

    Nigel Linden has 40 years of experience helping engineers involved with the design, testing and validation of components, structures and assemblies bring safe and reliable products to market quickly though durability, fatigue, shock and vibration CAE services, test consulting, and training. He has advanced non linear implicit and explicit FEA, Multi-Body dynamics, and fatigue analysis tools for metals, thermoplastics, elastomers and composites. Nowadays, a lot of CAD packages (e.g. Solidworks) include Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software. These simulation packages are optimized for ease of use, so that engineering analysis can be accessible to designers with little or no CAE experience. These tools work well for a lot of analysis scenarios, where accuracy is less important. However, in cases where the product: has to be highly optimized to meet challenging strength, weight or cost reduction goals; is subject to a complex operating environment; or has a complex structure or interactions, these packages cannot be trusted, and more sophisticated tools become necessary. While there are a lot of folks that can provide CAE services, Nigel the only person that has in-depth knowledge and experience with every step in the analysis and product development chain. Over the last 40 years, he has gained practical experience in modeling and physical testing to build unparalleled skills in the following areas: non-linear static and dynamic Implicit and Explicit Finite Element Analysis (FEA); Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) including FTire and non-linear flexible bodies; Fatigue Analysis; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); and Co-simulation for multi-physics modeling. All of these simulation techniques benefit from his practical experience with: Laboratory-based testing and simulation; combining fatigue and durability testing and analysis with multi-body dynamics and vibration; and characterizing materials and components to calibrate inputs, interactions and constraints

    41 years experience

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