Manage your stress before it damages you - Module 1

To Learn different technique on managing stress in our day to day life as we can't avoid those.

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About this course

Stress is your body’s response to changes in your life. Because life involves constant change—ranging from everyday, routine changes like commuting from home to work to adapting to major life changes like marriage, divorce, or death of a loved one—there is no avoiding stress. There are several different types of stress, and not all are harmful. Some are positive forms of stress. But chronic stress has been linked to many serious health issues and is the type of negative stress most often mentioned in the news. While we want to manage or eliminate negative stress, we also want to keep positive forms of stress in our lives to help us remain vital and alive. Your goal shouldn't be to eliminate all stress but to eliminate unnecessary stress and effectively manage the rest. There are some common causes of stress that many people experience, but each person is different. Stress can be effectively managed in many different ways. The best stress management plans usually include a mix of stress relievers that address stress physically and psychologically and help to develop resilience and coping skills. This training is very effective & explains on how to manage stress in your personal and professional life.

Key topics covered

This course is divided into 2 modules and each module has its own importance. In this module, we will cover topics a. Know your stress b. Causes and Effects of Stress c. Situational response to Stress. Do enroll other module to learn more on different habits and techniques that are critical for your stress management.

What you will learn

1. How to become successful at every stage by managing the stress 2. Allow prosperity around you by overcoming excess stress that leads to failures 3. Learn self driven techniques to manage the stress at personal & professional level. 4. Learn & Use Quick Stress Relievers 5. Develop Stress-Relieving Habits and implement them effortlessly 6. Eliminate Stressors When You Can

Who this course is for
All High Flyer Mid-Level Senior Manager
All All All Productivity / Efficiency Improvement Work-life Balance
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