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    Computational Engineer

    Hey, I am Antim Gupta graduated from Vellore Institute of Techology-Chennai and I am currently a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant in Khalifa University-United Arab Emirates. Currently working on Manufacturing of Energy Storage Material sponsored by Khalifa University. My research area is Computational Simulation, Artificial intelligence and machine learning . Please Visit my LinkedIn Profile!

    2 years experience

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    Technical Writer

    I'm a Technical writer, Vibration Analyst & Content creator with 3+ years of experience in Engineering & Analysis field. To collaborate for content writing projects (Research paper, Case studies, Newsletters or technical articles), visit my website 👉🏼

    3 years experience

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    Content writer

    having more than a year of experience in content writing, story writing and telling. Skilled in communication and teaching. And want to make career in management sector.

    1 years experience

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